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Hydraulics and Pneumatics
SLM Fluidodinamica

We provide analysis, design and manufacture of hydraulic systems.
We design, assemble and test:

- Hydraulic units
- mini power packs
- Rubber hoses for medium, high and very high pressures
- Steel Pipe DIN 2353
- DIN Fittings for Steel Pipe
- Seals
- Hydraulic gear pumps, piston and vane
- Filters with various degrees of filtration by suction, pressure and exhaust
- Valves and solenoid valves
- Distribution valves
- Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders
- Fittings
- Machinery tube assembly
- Unified fittings for hydraulic systems
- Pumps motors
- Valves: check - block piloted - descent control - flow control - parachute

The quality and reliability of our products is also guaranteed by the brands that we represent, which are respectively:

for hydraulics:
Parker, Casappa, Denison, Volvo, Aron, Rexroth, Salami.
while for the pneumatic:
Parker, Rexroth, SMC, Univer, Waircom.
Some examples of our production: