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- Maximum working pressure (PS): 300 bar
- Pressure test (PT): 1.43 x PS
- Working temperature (T): -20 ° C to + 80 ° C
- Methodology of construction: carbon steel body with piston sliding aluminum interior

Seals: Standard version: POLYURETHANE-PTFE

Maximum piston speed:
0.4 m / s for piston diameter 70-100mm
0.6 m / s for piston diameter 150mm
0.6 m / s for piston diameter 180mm

Mounting: In any position

Compression ratio:
running piston the compression ratio does not require compliance with defined parameters rigidly

Spare parts: nitrogen valve and gasket set and piston heads

Warranty: in accordance with ASSOFLUID

Note: The table shows the most requested executions.
Realizations are available with volumes, pressures and attacks on specific request.
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