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Filtrations trolley
Carrello di filtrazione e travaso
The filtration system CF01 is ideal for:
• Contamination control in hydraulic systems offline
• Tankage
• Rapid discharge of the fluid

CF01 is designed for on-site preventive maintenance of hydraulic systems. Two filters are used in high-capacity; the fluid passes through the suction filter, and then through the final filter, offering an efficient control of contamination.

The system is composed as follows:
• Two high capacity filters complete indicator.
• Gear pump 40 l / min at 1500 g / min
• Three phase motor 0.75 kw 380V 1HP
• Shopping in steel, highly durable, fully welded, complete with drip tray and rubber wheels
• Complete with hoses

Typical applications are:
• Pulp and Paper
• Systems of injection molding
• Industrial machinery and furniture
• Transfers fluids from drums or storage tanks to tanks system
• Cooling off-line fluid existing
• Filtration complementary to the existing system